World Baseball Classic champions get their Topps Now moment

USA Baseball clinched its first World Baseball Classic championship late Wednesday night and now the new baseball cards are here.

How? Via Topps NowTopps‘ online platform for real-time baseball cards that capture moments as soon as possible on cardboard.

A dozen cards were revealed on Thursday with USA’s star pitcher Marcus Stroman the subject of two types of Relic cards — with and without ink.

The four standard cards are available now for only the next 24 hours or until they are sold out in the case of the autographs or Relics. The base cards are $9.99 apiece or $29.99 if bundled and printed to order, while the autographed Relics range from $49.99 to $999.99 for the 1/1 copies that are already sold out. A signed game-used baseball Relic is rarer in overall volume with it starting at $299.99.

You can see all of the World Baseball Classic Topps Now cards right here. 

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