Buzz Movie Trailer Vote – Spider-Man: Homecoming (opens July 7)

The newest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has arrived in advance of its arrival on July 7 and it gives us a new look at the new villains, the new actor in the lead role and some new friends and relatives as the franchise returns home to Marvel Studios. 

Oh, and there’s Iron Man, too.


This is the sixth Spider-Man film since 2002 and the third actor to assume the role of Peter Parker and his alter ego. Tom Holland takes over the job from Andrew Garfield, who was in the last two films and Tobey Maguire who started the new wave. (Yes, we’re ignoring the 1970s stuff.)

The five previous films all grossed at least $202 million at the box-office with the first one still the strongest at more than $403 million. In all, the five films in the franchise have raked in more than $1.57 billion in the United States alone. (Globally? That’s $3.9 billion, kids.)

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