Missing nameplates & missing black plates part of Gypsy Queen’s quirks

Topps‘ revamped take on a retro-styled staple officially arrives on Wednesday and it includes a few types of parallels and/or variations for collectors to hunt for.

One of them in 2017 Topps Gypsy Queen? Nameless cards, aka missing nameplate cards. They’re found one per hobby box at one in every 21 packs and if it’s one of the short-print cards (Nos. 301-320) with this feature then the odds are a much steeper one in every 315 packs.

Simply enough, they are missing the nameplate on the fronts of the design, but they aren’t the only ones with what printing people would call “plate” issues.

Also in the mix? Cards printed without the black printing plate, which means there’s no black ink on the card. Making this a bit confusing is that the nameplate on these off-looking blueish-red cards (one above) appears to be in black ink. But if these are printed using a traditional way (just four printing plates) that box is made up of just cyan, magenta and yellow ink. These are known as missing black plate cards and they are found one in every nine packs — so you’ll find as many as three per hobby box. The missing black plate short-prints are one in every 135 packs. These parallels are also found for the capless photo variation cards at one in every 315 packs and they carry over elsewhere, too.

Other parallels in this one include Green (retail), Purple (/250), Red (/10) and Black (1/1) and there are also other variations on card backs, throwback uniform photos and some surprises in addition to two hits per box. You can get a better taste for some of them in our First Buzz preview here as well as find the final checklist right here. Be sure to check out the hobby odds in the start of our gallery below, too.

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