Topps launches Topps Now Loyalty Program for heavy Now buyers

As a “way of saying thank you for being such a loyal customer of Topps” a selected number of Topps Now purchasers have received invitations to a Topps Now Loyalty Program.

As part of the membership perks, those invited at the Platinum level will receive a nine-card autographed set of cards apparently limited to only 25 copies per card showcasing notable players from last year.

To come later in the year there will be a 2017 year-end auto set, additional randomly selected autographs, a Topps Now Card of the Month for each month of the season, 12 Golden Tickets for priority status on autos and Relics (excluding 1/1s), a private VIP event which will include a gift bag, VIP status at the National Sports Collectors Convention, a membership card and a concierge service that will reply to Topps Now questions within 24 hours.

The overall loyalty program also includes a points system for purchases, which has details you can see here. Platinum members went beyond the tiers you can see there. We’ll have more on this once additional information is available. A gallery of the nine-autograph set is below.

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