Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball offers new ways to play & collect

A new player in the fantasy baseball realm — as well as the baseball card world — is here.

It’s Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball and it’s a combination of fantasy play with more than $6,200 in cash prizes up for grabs and collecting where every single card has a scratch-off code for the player to enter your lineup.

It also presents a collecting challenge — do you scratch the card or keep it mint?

The first edition of this MLBPA-approved product includes 499 cards of present big-leaguers with 1/1 sketch cards and Career Milestone cards adding to the chase along with the fantasy play at its website, www.honusbonus.com.

There are two 1/1 Career Milestone cards in every 24-pack box with those cards tracking particular stats from a player’s career. The rarest is Dansby Swanson‘s three home runs captured on three 1/1s, while Ichiro Suzuki‘s 3,030 hits also are documented in 1/1 fashion. You can see those players and their stats broken down here.

Seven artists have produced sketch cards for this release, though none have yet hit eBay. The artists include Mick Glebe, Matt Glebe, Charles Hall, Michael James, Warren Martineck, Emily Tester and Brad Utterstrom. Boxes carry a suggested retail price of $60 ($2.50 per pack) and some of the 1/1s have reached half that mark among early eBay auctions.

Collectors who rip a box and send in their 24 wrappers to the company will receive a 1/1 Career Milestones card, while dealers will receive a set of four printing plates for every case purchase — both things that will help generate extra buzz for this one among collectors who will chase their teams or players.

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