All 2016 Flawless Emmitt Smith jersey cards include PROVA tracking

Emmitt Smith‘s memorabilia cards found in boxes of 2016 Panini Flawless football cards arriving today will include an added piece of authentication and information unique to his cards thanks to a new partnership between Panini and his company, PROVA Group.

Each card will have a SmarTag that will tell the owner what jersey the piece came from as part of a database linked to a smartphone app.

“Technology is always evolving, and the LEGIT app by PROVA brings the tradition of collecting trading cards and sports memorabilia into the future,” Smith said in a prepared release. “Collectors and fans no longer have to guess if the items they’re spending their money on, stood in line for and invested time to find in person or online are the real thing or not. They now can register their valuable cards and view their PROVA-tagged collection all from a smartphone and know that it is, in fact, legit.”

You can see more about this project in an initial video above and there is more info on the app here.

Want to see more Flawless pulls? Check out our gallery here.

Update: New videos have been added below.

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