Funko gets in ring with WWE for new wave of Pop! toys coming soon

The “cheap pop” is coming to Funko. 

In wrestling terms a “cheap pop” is something made famous by Mick Foley — a mention of the hometown crowd to get a cheap reaction during a moment with a microphone — but in this case he’s among the new wave of WWE Pop! toys.

These popular — and, yes, affordable — toys will be hitting stores later this month.

Six new Pop! toys will be hitting stores soon with three of those being versions of colorful WWE newcomer Finn Bálor, one a variant and the other an exclusive to FYE stores. Joining them will be Goldberg, who recently completed a WWE comeback, and A.J. Styles.

Joining these toys will be a wave of Pint Size Heroes coming in June with the blind-wrapped toy lineup including Undertaker, Andre The Giant, Enzo Amore, Sasha Banks, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Kevin Owens and others — some of whom have never been part of a Funko release before.

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