Not all 2012 Topps Bryce Harper Rookie Cards are same — but they still can be found in wax & sets

Bryce Harper‘s blistering start to the season is likely to help fuel continued interest in his past cardboard — yes, he has a lot — but his 2012 Topps Rookie Cards might be the one target of collectors and investors that has the most potential and room for dramatic changes.

Why? The various forms of wax boxes and factory sets help make them more available for nearly everyone to chase and collect.

The key versions are found as short-printed cards in packs of 2012 Topps Series 2. He made his MLB debut in time to be included in the second series as card No. 661, which is a rare pull — but not as rare as a certified autograph version also found in packs. (That one uses a sticker auto and Buzz admittedly couldn’t find a good scan so we improvised for the illustration above.) The odds on both of these are long, but so was the print run for the brand — you can still find boxes out there (for now) and he should be available in all formats. Because the card was a late addition, there aren’t any parallels (Gold, Black, etc.), but there are other options — and ones that are guaranteed pulls. Keep reading …

For a guaranteed shot at a Harper Rookie Card, collectors could pick up one of the various factory sets made by Topps that year. Inside each of them was this card, which shows him batting in his road uniform. But that wasn’t the only one potentially found inside a set …

Harper also had a variation that was found in factory sets as part of a five-card pack of bonus rookie variations. (Those packs are in nearly all versions of the factory set.) So, yes, some buyers of factory sets have landed two Harper RCs. Of course, there’s also an orange version of his card found in one hobby version of the factory set as well. (That set is a tougher find period, let alone one with a Harper inside. The card is limited to just 190 copies.)

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