Panini acknowledges error on three National Treasures patch cards

Three legendary cards in 2016 Panini National Treasures have a mistake — and Panini America will fix them for a collector who finds one.

One is a NFL Gear Quads Laundry Tag of four legendary quarterbacks — Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Tom Brady and John Elway. The mistake occurred during production as the card’s labeling should indicate that some of the players’ tags are from player-used and not game-worn jerseys.

“We are disappointed the error occurred, but it was truly an honest mistake with no intention of trying to mislead our customers,” reads a statement from the company. “All other parallel levels of these cards do contain game-worn material, and this mistake occurred because the laundry tag reservations from the player-worn jerseys were missed when routing the cards for approval. Obviously, this is something that we will be more diligent about in the future.”

Two other NFL Gear Quads laundry tag cards in the brand have the same mistake, according to the company. Here’s a rundown of all three cards:

— No. 16 Peyton Manning/Dan Marino/Tom Brady/John Elway (Marino & Elway player-worn)
— No. 17 Eric Dickerson/Adrian Peterson/Jamal Lewis/Barry Sanders (Sanders is player-worn)
— No. 20 Peyton Manning/Brett Favre/Dan Marino/Drew Brees (Marino is player-worn)

“Although there are other retired player-worn materials in the program, we believe that they are all properly identified in their authentication copy,” the company’s statement said. “However, the majority of the retired swatches in this program are from game-worn items.”

Panini will re-build these cards with the correct labeling if requested. They can be sent to the company at the address below: 

Panini America Inc.
ATTN: Customer Service/NFL Quads Replacement
5325 FAA Blvd., #100
Irving, TX  75061-3601

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