What’s inside the fourth WWE Slam Crate? Find out right here …


The “Masters of the Mic” are a big part of the show this time — and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin steals it.

When Pasadena, Calif.-based Loot Crate recently announced its wrestling version of a mystery box — the WWE Slam Crate — this fan decided to sign up and see what was to come.

The first crate arrived last year, the second arrived in December and the third one was fun, too, but this newest crate arriving now gives us a glimpse of what’s to come with arguably more simple pieces that collectors might appreciate.

What was inside this one? Keep reading …

For $29.99, Buzz got five items inside this crate — a mix of collectibles, usable everyday items and other items all with a WWE theme.

The coolest item this time around us the first of four Loot Crate crafted WWE Slam Stars figures, an Austin toy with a unique style that’s about five inches tall and includes a quarter of a wrestling ring base that will complete itself in the coming months. These are in the same style as the recently touted Sports Crate of MLB stars.

The rest of the items in this one? Check them out in the gallery below and then see how Buzz graded this one. (Click for a closer look and a description of the item.)

The Bottom Line: Overall, I’d grade this an A- and that makes it the best crate so far, though damage from the tips of the pin were an issue here with it indenting the book cover and the poster insert of The Rock that includes a breakdown of the items along with an Alexa Bliss Q&A. All in all, this was a simple but fun mix. For more info on Slam Crate, click here. 

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