Short-printed photo variations offer extra muscle in 2017 Topps WWE

A new inclusion found in all types of 2017 Topps WWE packs is something that we’ve been accustomed to in other sports but is new for wrestling collectors.

Photo variations.

A total of 25 cards in the 100-card set have alternative images on short-printed variation cards and they have been reported to be found just one per case in hobby packs while collectors also have spotted them in retail blaster boxes and retail hanger boxes since the product’s release.

They aren’t, however, noted on wrapper odds. Meanwhile, they’ve got some pretty hefty asking prices for those that have been spotted and placed on eBay.

Here’s a rundown of the variations and the start of a gallery of each can be found below.

2017 Topps WWE image variations

1 The Rock (in “Just Bring It” T-shirt)
5 Bayley (leaping off turnbuckle)
7 Big E (in air)
9 The Brian Kendrick (standing on turnbuckle)
10 Brock Lesnar (walking up ring steps)
13 Chris Jericho (applying Walls of Jericho)
17 Finn Bálor (in paint)
18 Goldberg (in leather jacket in pyro)
22 Kofi Kingston (flying through air)
26 Nia Jax
33 Triple H (no microphone)
34 Xavier Woods
35 AJ Styles
36 Alexa Bliss (upside down flying through air)
38 Carmella (with microphone)
47 John Cena
48 Kane (wearing mask)
53 The Miz
55 Randy Orton (hitting RKO)
58 Undertaker (silhouette)
62 Asuka
63 Austin Aries
65 Bobby Roode
83 Samoa Joe
86 Shinsuke Nakamura (in red coat)

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