Fast Break NBA repacks seem to deliver well — even for this collector

If you’re a bargain hunter who’s awaiting some new NBA cards to arrive but needs something right now and on the cheap, there’s one option out on the retail front that’s delivering pretty well for some collectors.

These Fast Break NBA repacks include three hobby packs for around $12 depending on the chain and they typically include one of each of the packs shown on the box — all prime places to find some Giannis Antetokounmpo Rookie Cards and autographs. And it’s been done, according to users over on the Blowout NBA breaks section of the forum. 

Here’s one example that did OK on that front. Here’s one that did much, much better.

And here’s another. And another one. And a bulk buyer’s results.

But this is the 12-box bust that first got my attention with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ink in the mix.

Out of sheer curiosity, this collector has bought two — at two different times and two different chains — and each has delivered an autograph. Keep reading to see the notable cards from the latest one.

This box didn’t break the bank but it was an interesting and quick fix. Below is a gallery of the Rookie Cards, inserts and other cards of note found in my particular box.

There was one hobby pack of 2013-14 NBA Hoops, one hobby jumbo pack of 2013-14 Pinnacle and one hobby pack of 2013-14 Panini Prestige — all brands that can be found in hobby from the Blowout mothership, too, relatively cheaply if you know you want to shred a box. (Pinnacle would be my first choice — the links above take you there.) Each of the jumbo boxes includes three hits in every 10-pack box while the 24-pack Prestige box includes four hits — so your odds of landing one there are probably lower in these repacks.

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