Tim Tebow’s first official MiLB card is a short-printed scorcher

Don’t tell his fans that he’s just another minor league baseball player.

Tim Tebow‘s first baseball card as a member of the Columbia Fireflies isn’t an easy pull from packs of 2017 Topps Pro Debut baseball cards but it’s a pricey one.

As in $400 — and that’s without an autograph or piece of game-used memorabilia attached. And that’s not a fluke as active auctions are just as strong.

That’s some serious coin for a minor-league single but it shouldn’t be shocking given his history of hot-selling cardboard no matter what’s happening (or not happening) on the field. Also consider that it’s a short-print in a hobby-only product that ultimately won’t have any kind of print run like other MLB products, meaning it will dry up quickly. Back when he was playing football, his signing fees commanded those of a No. 1 overall pick because of demand for his cardboard. His previously released prospect cards with autographs also have been strong sellers as his baseball experiment continues.

This won’t be his last official Fireflies card, either, as the team is pre-selling its 2017 Grandstand set online to help meet increased demand –it’s a 1963 Topps homage (above) that will cost you $12.50 per set. Tebow also is likely make his Bowman debut sometime this summer as well as appear in 2017 Topps Heritage Minor League, which is Topps’ second (and typically final) MiLB release of the season.

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