Fidget spinners get a date on Lowell Spinners’ promotional calendar

You’ve probably seen them somewhere near the cards at a retail store and they’re one of the biggest fads of the moment, too.

And now fidget spinners are coming to the ballpark.

“It just makes sense, right?! Fidget spinner giveaway slated for Aug. 8 with Taco Tuesday,” read a message from the Lowell Spinners’ Twitter account along with the team-branded spinner image up top. (What’s a fidget spinner? Watch the “expert” clip above.)

The Lowell (Mass.) Spinners are the short-season affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. While you won’t find the spinners in their webstore –yet — you might find some familiar names — Mookie Betts — and others on ultra-affordable team sets from as far back as 2000. That alone makes the store worth a look.

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