James Comey’s card appearances pale in comparison to today’s — but political collectors have options

James Comey‘s testimony before the Senate judiciary committee today will be watched by millions live and sound bites from what will be a historic day in Washington, D.C., will be heard for years to come no matter what happens.

A year ago, not many people would know the name of the now-former FBI director but with all that’s happened since then there are plenty of hot takes no matter what one’s political leaning might be. And in that time, his cardboard appearances have slowly added up via two products, Topps‘ ongoing Garbage Pail Kids/Wacky Packages lines focusing on “Trumpocracy” and the “Disgrace to the White House” and the politically focused Decision 2016 trading card release that has an updated Series 2 set arriving on Friday. 

Unlike the Donald Trumps and Hillary Clintons of the world, though, Comey’s cardboard isn’t all that plentiful … keep reading.

The former FBI director has just six GPK stickers that were previously found only via Topps.com. None of them has a print run topping 407 copies, while the “Curtains Comey” sticker is the rarest at just 70 copies made. You can see all of them — and their print runs — in the gallery below.

It’s in the Decision 2016 releases where Comey appears on four different types of cards focusing directly on him with parallels raising that to just 10 copies. The standard card (No. 181 in the set) has no parallels, while the God Bless America patches have a standard version, a Blue, a Green and Red. His Super Flags card has a standard version, Black and White, Blue, Red and Reverse version where the flag has the field of blue stars on the right side (as seen going into battle.)

Although they are not “his cards,” Comey also is pictured on the “FBI: Hillary Lied About E-mail Security” card in the Clinton Controversies insert set, which is a card that has five parallels atop the standard version (Blue, Gold, Green, Pink and Red foil). You can see a sampling (one of each card type) in the gallery below and you can find a few of the Decision 2016 cards on eBay presently — but not many — while completed auctions show some added interest in the patches in recent weeks.

That’s it for now … with the world watching very soon.

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2 thoughts on “James Comey’s card appearances pale in comparison to today’s — but political collectors have options

  1. Thomas Fish June 8, 2017 / 9:32 am

    great very topical



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