Dark Helmet already bringing forceful feel to ‘Spaceballs’ auction

The Force isn’t very strong with this one, but The Farce is huge.

The helmet that Rick Moranis wore as “Dark Helmet” in the 1987 Star Wars spoof Spaceballs is up for sale now via Profiles in History, a Calabasas, Calif.-based auction house.

The prop from the Mel Brooks film is estimated to sell for as much as $12,000 — and it’s almost there with nearly three weeks remaining in the auction.

After just three bids, the auction sits at $9,000 for the helmet, which is billed as having very minor wear despite its years in storage and its bulky size. The plastic hood is 20 inches round and 14 inches tall — a comedic homage to Darth Vader. Inside the shell is a construction worker’s hard-hat liner and the faceplate is screw-hinged to move the shower-drain face panel.

Also up for grabs from the film is the flying Winnebago model, which carries a $20,000 opening bid but has not yet attracted any interest. For more on both of the auctions, click here. 

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