James Comey vs. Donald Trump saga gets its own Garbage Pail Kids set — A Comedy of Comey

We’ve had Trumpocracy and the Disg-race to The White House, but now ToppsGarbage Pail Kids are feasting on the ongoing he-said-he-said saga between James Comey and Donald Trump.

The 2017 Topps GPK A Comedy of Comey sticker set launched today via Topps.com and can only initially be found there for the next six days adding even more mockery to the political tumult in Washington, D.C.

Five pairs of standard-size stickers make up the set with pairs available for $9.99 or the entire 10-sticker set for $29.99. They’ll be printed to order, meaning if 100 copies of the first pair are ordered but only 75 of another pairing are ordered, that’s exactly how many will be made.

The former FBI Director testified before the Senate judiciary committee last week and since then Trump has denied his allegations. These cards add to the limited number of card appearances Comey has and the voluminous number of Trump appearances in the last two years.

You can see all of the stickers in the gallery below and get more info on them by clicking here.

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