MLB All-Star uniforms & caps will have familiar but new looks

MLB’s All-Star caps and jerseys for this year’s festivities in Miami have been unleashed for the masses to consider purchasing and there’s one thing for sure.

There will be plenty of color on those Relic cards coming from Topps.

The warm-up jerseys for the American League, National League as well as the game jerseys for the World and U.S.A. rosters of the Futures Game will carry the familiar colors of the host Miami Marlins, while the caps will try something different this year.

Caps for the Home Run Derby will be black with the teams’ logos in Miami’s orange, while the game caps will use a “Heathered” approach with one of the team’s primary colors as the backdrop for gold logos as well as the event’s logo on the right side via a rubber application. The caps’ eyelets also will be adorned with stars while the buttons also will be gold.

The Majestic jerseys are already available — also with a customized option — via MLB’s website with pricing varying by model type, while the caps are from New Era and are $39.99 for both types of caps.

The festivities begin with the MLB All-Star Fanfest starting on July 7 with the Futures Game set for July 9, the Home Run Derby on July 10 and The Mid-Summer Classic on July 11. Topps will include pieces from players’  jerseys in future products.

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