PSA announces new label enhancements for its graded cards

Newly graded cards from PSA will arrive with a new look to their flips inside the slabs.

A new “lighthouse logo” is the centerpiece with it reflecting light and also connecting to the red trim of the paper insert is joined by “fugitive ink” in the background.

So why the change?

“As the market grows, it is imperative that we continue to look for ways to improve our services and the quality of our products,” said a statement from the company. “This includes enhancing the security features on the holders and labels used during our authentication/grading process. The newly-incorporated security features represent the single largest leap forward during our 26-year history. The new PSA label not only offers vastly superior technology and capabilities; it has also received a stylistic makeover as we look to take our leading brand well into the future.”

The back of the slabs also have the “lighthouse” effect along with a new label, background ink on the bottom row of numbers and barcodes and a QR code allowing for quick access to the basics on the card.

“Aligning with the conclusion of the company’s 25-year anniversary, PSA unveiled new labels, featuring enhanced technology and a new look,” the statement said. “The front of the label still features a red border, outlining the collectible’s details. Now, however, instead of mere white behind the label copy, the wave-like brush strokes of “fugitive ink” embellish the background. The PSA hologram in the lower center of the label’s front has been upgraded to proprietary Lighthouse technology, which creates an “on/off” illumination effect when rotated.”

For more on the change, click here.

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