eBay Buzz: Graded Aaron Judge cards reportedly sell for $20,000

Its auction photo really didn’t help, but this Aaron Judge 2013 Bowman Draft Gold Refractor really was another color when it reportedly sold on eBay last week.

That color was green.

Only 50 copies of this color of the New York Yankees rookie’s first Bowman Chrome card were signed, but Gold is among the most-popular and it reportedly went for $20,000 via a best offer on eBay. (Seriously, go look here.) It’s not the only one to sell for that much as a Black Refractor with the same grade also sold — today — on eBay for $20,000. That card was limited to only 35 copies. (It’s No. 14/35, while the Gold appears to be No. 34/50.)

The Gold came just a half-point shy on a perfect BGS 10 grade on a corner, which got a 9.5. It’s one of just two 10s — and the other one did come up perfect when it was graded just this week. The Black card was graded back in 2014 and remains the only BGS 10. Will the black-label version of the Gold 10 emerge on eBay soon? Is it the same card just with a re-examination and re-grade or is it a different one of the 50 printed? We’ll have to wait and see there.

If you’re curious, the autographed Judge Superfractor from 2013 Bowman Draft has been pulled and has been graded, according to the pop report. It received a BGS 9.5 when it was graded earlier this month. Will it hit eBay? How much might it fetch?

Those are some big questions that we may never get answers to … unless it hits the open market. Meanwhile, asking prices on other key graded Judge cards also have hefty price tags attached to them on eBay.

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