Hot Box: 1948 Bowman baseball find fetches more than $500,000

It shouldn’t exist — and that’s why it fetched six-figures at auction.

What you see here is a near-complete box of 1948 Bowman baseball cards — packs that originally cost just a nickel apiece back in the day when kids ate the gum and, if they cared, had a shot at Yogi Berra, Stan Musial, Warren Spahn and Bob Feller Rookie Cards.

This rarity hit the auction block not long ago and finally sold via Mile High Card Co. last week.

This box collected 74 bids during the auction, which ended at $514,746 — that’s $27,091.89 per pack. (Not bad considering the original pack price.)

The packs were examined and authenticated by Steve Hart, an expert in unopened vintage material, and he had never seen these before. Each pack includes five cards and a stick of gum. Another bonus here? It’s just a 48-card set that year — 44 of those RCs — so the lot offers a reasonable shot at every card in the release if one was to contemplate opening a pack. (Just one … Buzz Break, boss?)

For more on the auction, click here.

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