First Buzz: Yu-Gi-Oh! Circuit Break

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Circuit Break
Arrives: Oct. 20
Box basics: nine cards per blister pack (24 packs per box; 12 boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: According to Konami, “Halloween horrors arrive early” here with a 100-card booster set, which his “home to more Link Monsters, including a terrifying new 3000 ATK Dragon that can brainwash monsters it attacks, giving you control over them until their minds burn out.” What else is here?

This one also includes new monsters from the past such as Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys in “powerful and unpredictable phantasmal forms” along with a number of cards that let you play no matter what your strategy. This one will include 100 cards — 48 basic cards, 20 rares, 14 super-rare, 10 ultra-rares and eight secret rares. … The suggested retail price on these boxes is $3.99 a pack.

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