Buzz Poll: Do Ezekiel Elliott’s off-field issues worry you as a collector?

Ezekiel Elliott was a force as a rookie last season for the Dallas Cowboys, coming up just short of the NFL rookie rushing record but he might as well have gotten it based on cardboard standards.

His 1,631 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns, along with success for his team that firmly put it back in the national spotlight, were highlights that sold some cards and then some. But fast-forward to today and the Rookie of the Year allegedly was entangled in some type of bar fight Sunday while already being investigated for domestic violence.

We’ve been there, done that like this before — many players have had many issues, this is nothing new — but not many of them have lit up the hobby as a rookie like Elliott did last season.

That leads to questions about cardboard …

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One thought on “Buzz Poll: Do Ezekiel Elliott’s off-field issues worry you as a collector?

  1. elcaminobilly July 17, 2017 / 1:57 pm

    I’m not a football collector, but off field stuff doesn’t stop me from collecting. The goal is to document the history of the sport and not everyone involved is going to be perfect. If they get cards, they get collected, no question.


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