National Sports Collectors Convention — the basics (so far)

The National Sports Collectors Convention is nearly here and the months of preparation are culminating in the show of all shows for sports collectors for five days in Chicago.

There will be plenty to see, plenty to do and plenty to buy and Buzz has been watching the developments the whole way. We’ll have galleries of images from the show floor and a few nuggets here and there in the coming days but there’s already been plenty written leading up to the show that you can all find right here.

Here’s a rundown of all past NSCC stories here on The Buzz …

Panini’s NSCC wrapper redemptions give fans another shot at big pulls

Topps preps Bowman Chrome wrapper redemption for National

Panini offers Super VIP pass & swag (and more) for a $25K mouse-click

McGregor-Mayweather showdown could ignite new card battles, too

Topps’ National VIP promo cards will take collectors back to 1987

Panini’s National show VIP set will include nothing but rookies

BlowoutTV to break Panini Super VIP party haul for those who can’t go

Leaf readies promo cards that pack some punch for this year’s NSCC

Upper Deck’s NSCC plans include promos, Monumental Box & more

PSA plans free custom slabbed cards & three game-used bat giveaways

Pieces of the Past case-buyers get bonus cards at this year’s National

TRISTAR readies new wrapper redemption program for National

Onyx Authenticated readies promo plans for this year’s National

First Buzz: 2017 Historic Autographs Autographed Jersey National Edition

First Buzz: 2017 Onyx Preferred Players National Edition autographed baseballs

First Buzz: 2017 TRISTAR Signature Series National Edition

Check out Blowout’s Golden Ticket giveaway basics


Need even more? There are some big things coming at the NSCC that aren’t detailed in stories. 

Click here to visit the National section over on the Blowout Forums

And you can see more of the basics here

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