Kevin Smith adds Signature Series jerseys to merchandising empire — and ‘game-used’ sales for charity

Your Kevin Smith cosplay just got a lot easier.

The movie-maker, TV personality, podcast king and former convenience-store clerk who made the No. 37 more famous in film than on the football field has launched a series custom hockey sweaters that add just another dimension to his marketing machine that would make George Lucas proud. (Or sue somebody.)

The Kevin Smith Signature Series consists of 12 jerseys ranging from a few pop culture and sports parodies to blatant plugs for his films ranging from Clerks back in 1994 to a still-forthcoming flick called Moose Jaws.

Among Silent Bob’s sweaters are a Buddy Christ (Dogma) homage, a Monroeville Zombies jersey (the team from Zack and Miri Make a Porno), and a Chicago Blackhawks spoof Bob Hawk jersey that just might be the one that started the whole series. Others include Clerks references, Fat Man on Batman (one of his podcasts where he opines on the legendary character now played by former co-star Ben Affleck), a parody of the KFC logo and a take on the bizarre character from a horror film called Tusk that just has to be seen to be not-believed. (Explanations won’t cut it on that one.)

The $199 sweaters are fully sewn Athletic Knit, or AK, jerseys with triple tackle twill patches emblazoned with Smith’s name and the No. 37 — just like he regularly wears during any appearances — and they can only initially be found via, his website.

For those wanting the look but on more of a budget — or want to wear the whole series — there is a also a Fan Series of polyester jerseys that are $99 a pop (same 14 logos) just not AK models. As a bonus, though, they do come with a fight strap for when those movie debates get a little more intense.

That’s not all — you can buy “game-worn” jerseys, too — with all proceeds going to a charity called The Wayne Foundation. Smith’s “old” jerseys range from $1,000 to $1,400 and those include jerseys that are not available for purchase any other way, including odes to Darth Vader and Flash to name a few. These also will arrive signed by Smith on both the front and back.

Can’t swing a jersey just yet? Each of the logos are also available as mini patches ($10).

You can see all of the jerseys up for grabs (Signature Series) in the gallery below and more details can be found via

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