Blade Runner 2049 gets Funko Pop! and Dorbz toys with film’s release

Funko is hoping Blade Runner 2049 prompts a run or two to the toy store.

There will be toys for the stars of the upcoming film, a sequel to Blade Runner which was a cult classic from 1982 that starred Harrison Ford. He’ll be back in this one, though it’s Ryan Gosling who takes the lead in the story as Officer K.

The toy lineup so far will include Funko Pop! figures as well as Dorbz, which are an even more simplified vinyl take. Seven Pop! toys and five Dorbz were teased by the Lynnwood, Wash.-based company on Friday. Also among them will be Sapper, Wallace (Jared Leto), Luv and Joi in the toys set to arrive in October. The film opens on Oct. 6.

There are some chase figures planned, too, with Deckard’s Dorbz limited to only 6,500 copies and a helmeted Sapper among that line, while Pop! also will make that version Sapper rarer.

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