Buzz Break: 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards (blaster box)

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The box: 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards (blaster box)
Where to buy:

Packs per box: 8
Cards per pack: 6
Cards in this box: 48
Base set completion: 
28 of 300 (9 percent)
Duplicates: 0

Notables on base cards – Albert Pujols, Rickey Henderson, Miguel Cabrera, Sandy Koufax, Honus Wagner, Carlos Correa, Carl Yastrzemski, Lou Gehrig, Willson Contreras

Rookie Cards (2) – Andrew Benintendi, Yoan Moncada

Insert cards: 20 (most in gallery below along with some base cards)
Short-prints (Nos. 301-350) (4) – Jordan Zimmermann, Yangervis Solarte, Warren Spahn, Adam Wainwright
Mini parallel (2) – Carlos Correa, Jake Thompson
Mini parallel short-print (1) – Jeff Hoffman
Mini Allen & Ginter back parallel (1) – Wilson Ramos
Mini Allen & Ginter back short-print parallel (1) – Joe Mauer
Mini black parallel (1) – Kevin Gausman
World’s Dudes (1) – Steel Worker Dude
Horse in the Race (1) – Arabian Horse
Revolutionary Battles (1) – Battle of Trenton
Sport Fish & Fishing Lures (2) – Northern Pike & Large Spinner, Wahoo & Plastic Skirted Lures
World’s Fair (1) – The Great Wharf
What a Day! (4) – Dansby Swanson, Freddie Freeman, Carlos Gonzalez, Xander Bogaerts

Autographs/Memorabilia: None

What’s Buzz-worthy: Other than some big retired names this box still felt flat save for a couple of key rookies and some mini-short prints. Why? In part, I think the base set lacks a lot of variety — just mugshot after mugshot — and then some interesting (as always with Ginter) but not-that-flashy inserts. The minis continue to be the star in Ginter, though key rookies and Hall of Famers help this one out a lot. Poke around here more for a hobby box break to see more.

Product Grade: A-
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: B

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