What’s a personalization worth to you? WWE tests the market …

The question in the headline is a simple one — what’s a personalization worth to you?

Some collectors would pay more for an item with a message to them, while others would opt for an autograph without anything extra as it would be easiest to sell without a personalization.

WWE is testing that market with a series of five autographed photos available via its auction site for a price — and a limited time.

Autographs from John Cena, Roman Reigns, A.J. Styles, Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks all are part of this program that can get you a signed 8-by-10 with a personalized message of up to 50 (approved) characters and an auto for $200. More info on these can be found via the WWE Auctions page.

Their autographs can all be had for around $50 or less on certified cardboard (Bliss might be the priciest) but a creative message, on the flip side, could actually make an item more valuable than you might think. The program is only active for roughly one more day — and that’s if the low-volume offerings aren’t sold out by then — so the decision might have to come quickly if you’re one considering it.

Update (Aug. 17): Bayley has been added to the lineup and autographs have been reloaded at the link.

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