Fanatics Authentic signs Yankees rookie Aaron Judge to exclusive deal

The Fanatics Authentic Team now has a new member.

It’s New York Yankees rookie slugger Aaron Judge and he’ll be joining a team that already includes reigning National League MVP Kris Bryant and Los Angeles Dodgers rookie slugger Cody Bellinger. It doesn’t mean he won’t be signing for fans or baseball card companies — they just now know the place he signs for directly when they can’t land him at the ballpark or in a pack.

“I love signing for fans, especially Yankee fans, they are the best in the world,’’ Judge told the New York Post. “Now that I’m with Fanatics, I’ll really be able to get my autograph out. They got some pretty cool pictures of me, I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to getting those out.’’

The details on the autograph deal with the 25-year-old who has taken The Big Apple by storm this season were not disclosed, but it’s believed to be a multi-year deal with the company.

“I’ve been pretty selective with who I want to partner with,’’ he told the Post. “For me, Fanatics seemed like the right fit. Now fans, not only in the New York area, but around the world can get my products and my autographs. I’m excited to do that.’’

The company already has nearly 40 different options for fans to land Judge ink with photos, jerseys, baseballs, helmets, caps and bats already available on its website. They range from $349.99 for baseballs and photos to $1,399.99 for a framed autographed jersey display — and there will be more to come. Watch the video to see how it ends. (We’ve added some of the upcoming items not yet on the site to the gallery below.)

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