Rafael Devers’ hot late start means long wait for 2018 Rookie Cards — but he’s got plenty to chase now

You’ll have to wait until 2018 for his official Rookie Cards, but, don’t worry, he’s got plenty you can collect for now.

His name is Rafael Devers and he’s also got six home runs in his first 62 at-bats for the Boston Red Sox and, most importantly, three of those have come in his last two games against the New York Yankees.

The 20-year-old third baseman is hitting .339 with 12 RBI, 11 runs and a stolen base in his first 16 games — and he’s got to be among the league leaders in pre-RC cardboard, too.

Devers made his cardboard debut back in 2014 and already appears on more than 700 different cards — more than 200 of those being autographed. His first autos arrived in 2015 brands — specifically Bowman Chrome, Bowman’s Best, Bowman, Elite Extra Edition, Leaf 25th, Leaf Trinity, Leaf Metal Draft, Leaf Ultimate Draft and even in Topps Heritage Minor League. He’s also been a regular signer since, though you can only find his ink in 2017 Donruss, Topps Pro Debut and Topps’ NSCC promo packs.

His first card cameos are limited to only 2014 Bowman Draft where he appears on a rainbow of 35 cards between Chrome and standard cardboard — but no autographs.

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