Next Topps Make Your Pro Debut winner will suit up for Fresno Tacos

Topps will make sure a collector suits up for one of Minor League Baseball’s tastiest franchises next year.

The company announced on Thursday that its Make Your Pro Debut contest that allows a collector to join a team for a day will take its talents to Fresno, Calif., where the winner will don the uniform of the Fresno Grizzlies’ promotional alter ego — the Fresno Tacos — next April on Taco Tuesday.

The contest’s scratch-off code cards will be found in hobby boxes of 2017 Topps Heritage Minor League, which arrives next month. Winning code holders will be asked questions and then Topps will choose a winner based off of those answers.

“It’s an honor to have Fresno and the Grizzlies/Tacos chosen for this contest. For a lucky fan to be a ‘Fresno Taco for a day,’ and to be associated with a brand as legendary as Topps, it’s a huge promotional opportunity for our organization,” said Fresno Grizzlies GM Derek Franks. “We’re always looking for something truly unique, and someone making their ‘pro debut’ on a Taco Tuesday certainly qualifies.”

The winner will get an honorary contract for a day and go through team routines after signing a contract. The winner also will appear on a card in 2018 Topps Pro Debut, the company’s other annual MiLB card release.

While the winner won’t play, they’ll suit up with a locker in the clubhouse, get a Wilson glove, Louisville Slugger bats, Under Armour cleats and Franklin batting gloves. This is the sixth time the contest has taken place with previous winners suiting up for teams in North Carolina, Maryland and Texas. Last year’s winner, Nick Yohanek, remembered the day well.

“It’s one of the greatest memories of my life,” Yohanek said. “It’s one those cool things that I’ll certainly never forget. You get to do something that money can’t buy.”

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