MLB Players Weekend gets Topps Now sets — with possible bonuses

MLB Players Weekend is nearly upon us and it’s a chance for MLB to loosen things up on the uniform front with new colorful looks for its teams complete with nicknames on players’ jerseys just for fun (and marketing/merchandising, of course).

The spectacle of this one also will have cardboard and the first to come will be 2017 Topps Now MLB Players Weekend team sets that will focus on five players per squad from the games. There also will be performance bonuses that potentially translate into extra cards.

The sets are $19.99 initially only available via for the next five days or so and they’ll be printed to order. Not all players for teams have been determined, allowing for break-out highlights to make it into the sets, while the bonuses aren’t all necessarily tied to the weekend.

The New York Yankees, for example, will include an Aaron Judge card as well as a Gary Sanchez and a Didi Gregorious — aka All Rise, Kraken and Sir Didi — along with two others. If the Yanks put up a six-game winning streak between now and the end of the regular season then buyers of the set will get bonus cards, which are TBD.

You can see all the sets and lineups so far by clicking here.

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