Asking price on a set of 1983 Madonna Polaroids? Just $350,000

The old saying is that a picture’s worth a thousand words, but in the case of pop music legend Madonna and an old set of Polaroids, that price is a bit different.

They’re $5,303 apiece — but fans of the icon still might call them priceless.

The set of 66 original images is being offered for $350,000 and it comes from Richard Corman, a portrait photographer who shot Madonna in 1983 — just six weeks before the arrival of her first album and her being thrust into the international spotlight.

“She had charisma like I have never seen,” Corman said in Vogue, which is noted in a listing for the photos via The Manhattan Rare Book Company. “When you look at somebody through the camera, you either see behind somebody’s eyes or you don’t. And with her, it was ‘Wow.'”

The photos were previously found in a book, Madonna 66, printed late last year as well as in a series of prints. A set of 25 prints from the collection was £450 ($581.50) via NJG, an independent publishing house in London, while the book was either £60 ($77) or £100 ($129) depending on the edition. Both were signed and numbered by Corman, while a Strictly Limited Edition included a bonus print.

If there isn’t a buyer for the $350,000 set of photos before Sept. 5, they’ll be sold separately, according to The Manhattan Rare Book Company, which is handling the collection. You can see a sampling of the images in a gallery below and the rest of them in the listing for the collection at the link.

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