Floyd Mayweather’s big win gets Topps Now treatment — with ink

“Money” ink is available now.

Floyd Mayweather‘s big win over Conor McGregor on Saturday night is now commemorated on Topps Now cards where the 50-0 champ’s autograph also is up for grabs.

“Money” won’t come cheap as the lowest-priced auto (/49) is $749.99 via Topps.com. Also in the rainbow is a Purple (/25; $999.99), Red (/10; $1,499.99), Orange (/5; $1,999.99) and a 1/1 Gold that sold for $4,999.99.

Standard cards of both fighters are also available and printed to order for $9.99. The autos will be available until sold out or for 24 hours — whichever comes first — and the standard cards are also only available for that limited time.

Last week’s weigh-in cards sold between 301 (showdown) and 513 copies (Mayweather).

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