Heritage breaks up a legendary set of 1933 Goudey baseball cards

If you’ve ever been interested in grabbing some high-end copies of cards from the landmark 1933 Goudey set and have the bank account that lets you do so, then a new sale from Heritage Auctions is for you.

Active until Sept. 21 is an auction breaking up one of the best PSA-graded sets of the brand that contains the traditional in-pack Rookie Cards of many legendary names.

And they’re in sometimes-untoppable conditions.

This copy of card No. 53 — one of four Babe Ruth Rookie Cards in the set — has only been topped one time on the pop report. It’s estimated to sell for more than $150,000. (And that seems low.)

Also included in the auction is a PSA 6 copy of the famed Napoleon Lajoie, which was not put into packs but instead acquired with a letter of discontent to the company after opening pack after pack but not finding the card. This one is only graded a six but it’s one of just 11 of its kind and only 30 copies of this rare-in-any-form card have graded higher.

Also in the mix? Other high-grade Ruths, two Lou Gehrigs with an 8.5 that’s one of only two copies in that grade and the best copy of a Jimmie Foxx Rookie Card. It’s not about the Hall of Famers, either, as cards such as No. 1 aren’t always found in high grade — but they are here. That Benny Bengough is estimated to top $40,000 and already sits at $11,000 after two bids.

You can see a sampling of some notable cards in the gallery below and you can see all of the cards in this Heritage auction by clicking here. 

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