Oh what a day! ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ toys coming from Funko

One of cinema’s most-visceral films ever made is hitting the toy aisle.

Funko revealed on Thursday that it’s preparing toys for Mad Max: Fury Road in several lines to come this winter.

There are Funko Pop!, Rock Candy and Mystery Minis to come for the film with a number of characters from the ensemble cast taking shape in toy form.

Furiosa, aka Charlize Theron, will join the Rock Candy ranks solo, while Mystery Minis will include Max (Tom Hardy), Furiosa, Nux, Coma, Capable, Immortan Joe, Rictus Erectus and the Valkyrie. (That also leaves room for a second series, too.)

The Pop! lineup will include a pair of chase figures as well as some exclusives. Chase figures (one in six) will be found for Immortan Joe and Furiosa, while the goggled Nux will be a Funko Shop exclusive, Coma with flames will be at Target, Furiosa with missing arm will be at Hot Topic and Max with cage mask will only be found at Walmart.

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