Newest POPTATERS take on ‘Alien vs. Predator’ in fun way

If you’ve been to a toy store lately, you might have seen one of a couple of new items that are throwbacks on the play front with some fun nods to pop culture that just might make them worthy for your collection.

They’re called POPTATERS made by PPW Toys and the newest releases are for a pair of famous science fiction franchises meeting the Mr. Potato Head galaxy for the first time.

These newest ones are for Predator and Alien. The Pred-Tater stands more than six inches tall and sports blades and a mask that would make Arnie shiver. Meanwhile, the Alien toy has a tail that just can’t be seen in the packaging mock above but is apt for the famous film creature.

While these POPTATERS are new to the Mr. Potato Head galaxy, the makers have been busy with a number of releases through the years. (Buzz is no expert in this realm — but a Darth Tater is in a box here somewhere from more than a decade ago.) There have been many new characters found to be spud-worthy and you can check out the gallery below (a mix of PPW toys and past Hasbro releases) and see which ones you can identify.

You can see all of the newer POPTATERS presently up for grabs by clicking here.

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