Lou Gehrig’s 1925 New York Yankees contract heads to auction block

Steiner Auctions has a legendary piece coming in its next sale.

It’s Lou Gehrig‘s 1925 New York Yankees contract — his first full season — and it’s hitting the open market next month.

How much might it go for? Well, there was a recent auction of a previous contract that could set the stage for this one.

Gehrig’s 1924 contract sold for $480,000 last month via Heritage Auctions after just 10 bids. That’s up from $358,500 when it previously sold in July 2014. Also previously selling via Heritage was his 1934 contract that went for $155,350 in February 2016.

This 1925 pact is key because that’s his first full season and that’s when the 21-year-old’s consecutive games streak of 2,030 began. It ended on May 2, 1939 and his record would stand until Cal Ripken Jr. broke it on this date in 1995.

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