Chris Carson’s big game sparks extra interest in his few NFL autographs

It wasn’t the greatest week for NFL rookies, but another new name emerged on the collecting landscape on Sunday.

Chris Carson‘s rushing total against the 49ers — 93 yards — are fueling the fact that his only NFL autos are found in 2017 Panini Unparalleled. This particular card is limited to just 10 copies and it’s an $86 card — and that eBay sale actually was before his big game.

The seventh-round pick out of Oklahoma State added a seven-yard catch in his second game. Last week he had just seven carries for 39 yards and a catch for 10 — but a game like this one might help firm up the mess that is the Seahawks ground game beyond (or in front of) Thomas Rawls.

Carson isn’t without cards — or certified autos — this season, but most of his nearly 40 signed cards show him in his college threads. His autos can be found in 2017 Elite Draft, 2017 Leaf Draft, 2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks and Unparalleled. His cards there are limited to no more than 49 copies and six of his nine cards there are actually rarer than 10 copies — a bit of a needle in a high-end haystack situation.

There are likely more Carson autos to come since he signed stickers, but right now, when the fire might be the hottest, there’s just not a ton to go around. 

And the college ink? Well, that’s not doing shabby, either, with his old fan base also showing interest there even before this big game.

Right now, he also only has three Rookie Cards by standard definition — a card limited to just 79 copies in 2017 Panini Gold Standard, an unsigned card in Unparalleled and then his basic Contenders Draft autograph.

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