Hot Boxes aren’t only potential surprises in 2017 Topps UFC Chrome

Topps has made UFC cards for nearly a decade, but the arrival of its first Chrome set is one that packs some intentional surprise punch — and maybe other surprises.

While 2017 Topps Chrome UFC guarantees two autographs per box as well as Hot Boxes with extra ink and Diamond Boxes in every case, but at least one breaker has reported finding a lot more extra ink.

Sam Smith of Cardsmiths Breaks had one case packing four autos per box in every box (48 in case), ink from Luke Rockhold not on the checklist as well as autos limited to 20 copies that he noted weren’t on the odds. Let’s unravel this enigma …

Diamond Boxes include a Diamond Refractor in every pack, while Hot Boxes found one per case will include a Hot Box Refractor auto as a third auto in a box. The autos (/20) are Hot Box Refractor autos so that mystery is solved. Rockhold has other autos in the product so he could just be missing from that particular set on the checklist. Also adding to the potential surprises? Variation autos that have different photos and are numbered to no more than 10 copies — and they also have a Superfractor of their own.

As for extra autos in every box? That wasn’t planned. Could there be more cases like that out there with extra ink atop an already-heavy (sample gallery below) color presence? Expect a knockout if you land one of those …

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One thought on “Hot Boxes aren’t only potential surprises in 2017 Topps UFC Chrome

  1. Chas G. September 22, 2017 / 1:13 pm

    Only fitting the top breaker gets one of the top cases and actually knows enough about the product to advertise it! Looked like a fun case!


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