First Buzz: 2018 Topps Wacky Packages Go To The Movies

What: 2018 Topps Wacky Packages Go To The Movies
Arrives: March 14
Box basics: 
One hit per Hobby Collector box (eight boxes per case)

What’s buzz-worthy: Topps’ long-running art parody brand takes on Hollywood’s biggest hits with a twist along with some nods to small-screen stars and the horror genre.

Keep reading for more as well as a full gallery of images.

The Basics: The basic set will consist of 90 stickers with new artwork and there will be nine parallels per card — Blue (one per pack), Sepia (one per pack Hobby Collector only), Yellow (every other pack Hobby Collector only), Bronze (every other pack Hobby Collector only), Black Ludlow (/99), Silver (/50), Red Ludlow (/25 Hobby Collector Only), Red (/10) and 1/1 Gold. … Among the insert sets will be Small Screen Stickers and Horror Film Stickers. … For the hits, there will be printing plates, artist autographs and sketches along with patch cards and jumbo box-toppers. Sketches will be found in standard form as well as I’m three shapes and as double-artist panoramics.

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