Topps Mini baseball cards arrive for another season (updated)

The MLB season may be nearing its end, but the new baseball sets just keep coming.

One more set that joined the calendar as of Tuesday is 2017 Topps Mini, which Topps teased online today.

Details are still to come sometime next week, but this is the latest release of the basic flagship set in the smaller size — 2.25 by 3.125  inches — as was first done in 1975 before it was revived in 2012. It’s been released in wax packs or factory sets each year since then.

There’s sure to be a new twist this year as the Cody Bellinger card seen above is from 2017 Topps Update, not the flagship.

We’ll add more details on this one right here once they are available.

Update (Nov. 8): The minis will arrive via the Topps on Demand platform and arrive in 35-card packs for $24.99. There will be 30 base cards from all three Topps flagship sets (Series 1-2 and Update) — a total of 1,000 different cards — and each pack also will have four parallels and one 1987 insert. Parallels include Orange (/25), Blue (/10), Red (/5) and 1/1 Gold. The 1987s will have Red (/25) and 1/1 Platinum versions.

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