Black November starts today and here are five sweet deals to consider

If you hadn’t noticed, there are a number of boxes with discounted prices right now over on the mothership as begins its Black November sales now.

Many of the discounts were dramatic enough that Buzz had to sit down and ponder the possibilities in many of the boxes and cases — and here are five boxes/cases that caught this collector’s eye.

2015 Bowman’s Best baseball hobby box
There are more than a few Bowman boxes up for grabs with lower prices as part of this wave — the first of several to come between now and Black Friday — but this one has a pretty strong discount (limit eight boxes per person) and potential. The mini-box format allows you to share a box with someone else if you want, too, with each half-box including six packs and and two autos. Among the signers here? Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, Dansby Swanson, Rafael Devers, Mike Trout, Andrew Benintendi, Bryce Harper, Byron Buxton and many others. You can do very well here with a little luck.

2014 Panini Contenders NFL blaster box (or blaster case)
Ok, NFL rookie classes aren’t all alike — this one has its ups and downs just like others — but this isn’t a money pick at all. This is a rip-for-fun-in-volume selection. Each five-pack blaster here includes one rookie memorabilia card — only found in these boxes — and potentially autographs, too. The 20-box cases are limit one per person but they’re worth a thought at this price. Among the notables here are Derek Carr, Khalil Mack, Devonta Freeman, Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr. and, of course, the other guys on the box.

2013 SportKings Series F boxes and cases
If you collect a little bit of everything, this box that features Shaquille O’Neal, Gordie Howe and Kristi Yamaguchi should show you a hint of the possibilities here. Every box includes five cards and one of them is either a memorabilia card, an autograph or a cut auto and there are many names that will pay for a box. Not every box will come out ahead but many of the notables here have very few autographs, meaning they might sell for more than you might think.

2010 Topps UFC (Series 4) blaster boxes/lots
At roughly $5 a box — and even less if you buy in a case-equivalent 16-box lot — this one is so cheap it makes this list. You don’t get a ton of packs per box but these boxes do have the possibilities for hits atop the inserts and parallels. There are autos, Relics and plenty more here. They aren’t easy pulls, but they are in there. A case (equivalent) for the price of a typical flagship box is an interesting one no matter what the sport.

2016 Topps Apex MLS soccer boxes/cases
I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not a big soccer collector, but check out what happened the last time we busted this one. The box price on this is interesting and an eight-box case is even better. Every case will include at least one Match Day diecut auto Relic, while every box includes two autos and one jumbo Relic. There aren’t a lot of blasters out there (they’re higher than this) that deliver this well.

There’s plenty more among the Black November sale items in the first wave — check ’em out here — and we’ll have several more to come leading up to Black Friday. Buzz will be here each time to pick highlights and budget breaks from the bunch.

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