Aaron Judge’s record-setting 52nd home run jersey hits auction block

Aaron Judge owned The Big Apple this summer — and the hobby, too — and next week he could own at least one and maybe two awards.

And not long after that, somebody out there can own a historic piece of his memorabilia.

It’s the jersey he wore for his record-setting 52nd home run this season — a new MLB rookie mark topping the 49 of Mark McGwire back in 1987 — and it’s a key piece in Steiner Auctions current sale that ends in nine days.

Bidding opened at $10,000 and it presently sits at $25,941 after the first nine bids. That’s nothing compared to the cash commanded when Steiner auctioned his MLB debut jersey earlier this year. That one sold for $160,644.05 when the bidding was over and, before that, Steiner sold his first career grand slam jersey for $45,578.40.

Steiner estimates that this one could top the $150,000 mark before the auction closes. For more info about the game and the jersey, click here to view the auction.

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