One of Ric Flair’s iconic robes leads off Goldin Auctions event next week

His shoes cost more than your house — and there’s a chance this one will, too.

A scarlet and silver robe studded with rhinestones and red sequins worn by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair while in WWE is hitting the open market soon via Goldin Auctions.

Signed by Flair with that ink authenticated by Beckett, this robe was used in the early 2000s and has been matched to a May 26, 2003, episode of Raw. In addition to that, it’s also been matched to the cover of at least one wrestling magazine, too.

The robe was hand-made by Olivia Walker, who made many of his robes at the cost of $10,000 in the past — and that’s the opening bid for this one once it goes live on Monday. How big is this one? Well, this collector hasn’t seen one hit the market before — and it’s the first lot in the Goldin Auctions sale, a slot typically held for the best and most-unique items.

You can see more of the auction by clicking here.

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