Meghan Markle’s autograph is found in one set as she joins Royal Family

The next member of Britain’s Royal Family was confirmed today across the pond and there’s already one autographed card — and one card only — that is the one to chase with the news.

American actress Meghan Markle is now engaged to Prince Harry and she’s got just one card appearance from the past that matters right now.

Her only certified autograph is in the 2012 Cryptozoic Fringe Seasons 1 & 2 set, where she was one of 16 signers, for her pair of appearances in the series. (She’s perhaps best-known for her 100-plus episodes on USA Network’s Suits.) The lone copy of this card on eBay carries a Buy-It-Now price of $249.99, while past auctions — there aren’t many — have reached $125. It might be a relatively easy pull from packs, too, if you can find the wax.

The newest royal wedding is set for sometime next spring and it’s sure to spark international interest beyond the typical interest from collectors. The last time there was one — the wedding for Princess Diana‘s other son, Prince William, to Kate Middleton in 2011 — Topps included rare cards of them in packs of Gypsy Queen baseball cards and created a 50-card set that was sold on QVC. Both were strong sellers for some time.

What else might spark added interest in this Meghan Markle card? Members of the royal family are generally discouraged — if not flat-out not allowed — to sign autographs. No, really, check out this piece from Vanity Fair. So with added interest in her life’s story and the additional spotlight there shouldn’t me more autographs to go around.  

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