Houston Astros’ World Series game-used memorabilia still commanding big money via MLB Auctions

It’s been more than a month since the Houston Astros won the World Series but the action is still relatively intense over on MLB Auctions.

Or at least some of the bidding and instant-purchase prices look that way.

Dugout lineup cards for Games 5-7 are up for auction at the moment via the site and end in three days. Game 7 leads the way at $911 after 18 bids, while Game 5 is $810 after 14 bids and Game 6 sits at $520 after just two.

Those have nothing on some of the other game-used items, though.

If you want second base from Game 7 — used for just the first two innings — it can be yours for a $14,999 click. Second from Game 2 — innings seven to 11 — is yours for $9,999. Same for Game 5’s third base for innings three and four.

The Dodgers’ on-deck circles from each game — two in all — are $7,499 apiece, while $3,999 is the top price for game-used baseballs. Those are for hits from Series MVP George Springer and Dodgers slugger Joc Pederson. Other baseballs are also up for grabs for $1,999 and up — even one smacked by Clayton Kershaw, which is $2,499.

All those not your thing? (They’re not on Buzz’s budget, that’s for sure.) Well, you can always spring for the $49.99 mini jar of game-used dirt from Game 7 — it’ll be $8.99 shipping for your first one, but just $1.99 for every additional.

To see everything still up for grabs for the Astros’ World Series championship via MLB Auctions, click here. 

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