Original 1999 Pokemon set sells for $100,000-plus via Goldin Auctions

A perfect PSA 10 set of 1999 Pokemon 1st Edition cards dominated on the auction block this weekend, ending with a final gavel price that might shock those who don’t know the power of Charizard.

It racked up a dozen bids after its $25,000 opener at Goldin Auctions and when the final gavel went down the price was at $100,655.

Check out a gallery of all of the cards after the jump.

All 102 cards in the set were included here along with a variation of Pikachu — and they’re all graded PSA 10s. It’s a landmark release in the gaming and pop culture world — one that is sought-after both by former players of the past and serious investment-minded buyers, too.

“While this may be the first public offering of such a set, we do feel in the near future it will become as important to modern collecting as the 1986-87 Fleer set in basketball or the 1909-11 T 206 baseball set,” read the Goldin Auctions listing. “With nearly every loose booster box, heavy pack and high-end card already sent to PSA for grading, original Pokemon cards along all fronts seem to have the makings of a true monster in the hobby.”

And that was what they thought before it sold for six figures.

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