Buzz Break: 2017 Topps WWE Undisputed wrestling cards

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The box: 2017 Topps WWE Undisputed
Where to buy:

Packs per box: 10
Cards per pack: 5
Cards in this box: 50
Base set completion: 
25 of 70 (36 percent)
Duplicates: 0

Notable names pulled on base cards – Shawn Michaels, “The Million-Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Goldberg, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kane, Bobby Roode

Rookie Cards (3) – James Ellsworth, Chad Gable, Rich Swann

Insert cards: 15 (all in gallery below)
Women’s Division (6) – Ember Moon, Carmella (RC), Bayley (RC), Lana, Sasha Banks, Liv Morgan
Bronze parallel (2) – Xavier Woods, Sawyer Fulton (/99)
Silver parallel (1) – Sting (/50)
Green parallel (1) – Mick Foley (/25)
Dream Matches (4) – Goldberg & Undertaker, The Rock & Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar & Steve Austin, Batista & Brock Lesnar
Dream Matches Silver (1) – Goldberg & Undertaker (/50)

: 10 (see the gallery below)
Relics (2) – Carmella, John Cena (/199)
Autographed Relics Green (1) – Victor (/25)
Autographed Relics Bronze (1) – Big Show (/99)
Black Autographs (1) – Maryse (/5)
Silver Autographs (1) – Carmella (/50)
Bronze Autographs (1) – Edge (/99)
Autographs (3) – Maryse, Bray Wyatt, Heath Slater (/199)

What’s Buzz-worthy: As said in a previous break of this one, this is the third edition of this high-end WWE brand and, simply put, it’s the most-colorful version. The base set shrinks here (down from 100 last year), making the Women’s Division stars only found on its own set (technically inserts now) and all of this release’s cards have a simple array of parallels that make this one appealing to collect. The autographs here included a solid mix of parallels with a Black that’s one in every 13 boxes as well as a WWE Hall of Famer in Edge. Really, all but two of the autographs here suited my tastes as a fan — sorry Heath Slater and Victor, though the Slater redemption is likely to include a bonus card when it arrives, so that might make for a fun surprise. … Not found here was one of the biggest draws here — ink from Undertaker. If you’ve been a fan of previous releases, this one should be appealing, though the super-rich blue backgrounds on the cards are definitely strong. (They look better in person than in photos/scans.) An autograph or Relic in every pack means these boxes won’t be cheap — or plentiful in the future — but if you don’t have a lot of WWE autos or want to get a number of them fast it’s a fun rip.

Product Grade: A- 
Box Grade:
Fun Grade: A

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