This Dwyane Wade 1/1 autograph sale price might shock you …

It’s not in perfect condition, it’s not Exquisite Collection and it’s not LeBron James, but this card was in big demand this past weekend via Goldin Auctions. 

This BGS 8.5 copy of Dwyane Wade‘s 2003-04 SP Authentic SP Extra Limited autograph card — the only one made — put up a pretty big number this weekend.

This card opened with a $5,000 price tag attached and finished at $24,550 after 13 bids. (No, seriously.)

For his career, Wade has signed less than 1,200 different cards among the nearly 6,500 overall that he appears on. It’s the rarest of his 110 certified autos made in his Rookie Card campaign of 2003-04 and he’s got 27 other 1/1 autograph cards from that year. (Maybe somebody is trying to collect them all?)

It’s the kind of sale that makes this collector wonder what other key Wade 1/1s might fetch.

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